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7 wrong superstitions About Quit Smoking is believed by people

Quitting smoking is not easy, but getting rid of nicotine addiction is much easier than ever before because of the increasing number of drugs that help quit smoking.

Smoking is the scourge of the age. Many teenagers and children smoke and it is a big risk and the most dangerous that there are myths embraced by people about smoking and how to quit smoking and all are wrong Let’s learn today.

Superstitions 1: Quit Smoking treatments are not effective

Facts: Studies suggest that nicotine replacement therapy and prescription drugs (shampics and zeppan) may increase by two times and at times three times the chances of quitting successfully.

All quitting treatments work best when used as part of a program that includes the following:

  • Determine the day to quit smoking
  • Develop a plan to deal with stimuli that help you to smoke
  • Obtain support from a trained doctor or counselor to serve to quit smoking

Superstitions 2: The treatment of nicotine causes cancer

Fact: This is not true. Nicotine does not cause cancer. But other toxic chemicals in the cigarette, such as tar and carbon monoxide, are the ones that destroy your health. Nicotine replacement therapies help deliver nicotine to the body without dangerous toxic substances.

Third: It is dangerous to use more than one nicotine replacement product at the same time

Fact: No, it is not. The use of more than one product at the same time – known as the combination of treatments – may be a good thing because it may increase the chances of quitting successfully. The common way is to use nicotine patches to reduce daily cravings for smoking, as well as nasal sprays, chewing gum, pills, inhalers or oral sprays to overcome sudden cravings for smoking.

Forth: Champix tablets to quit smoking make me feel nervous

Facts: Shambaksh tablets associated with reports that it caused depression and may even lead to suicide. But it is not clear whether these side effects are caused by this drug or by smoking cessation, and it is quite safe for most people.

Talk to your doctor or a smoking cessation service counselor about any concerns before you take them, especially if you are already suffering from depression or other psychiatric illnesses. Monitor your mood well when taking tablets and tell your doctor if you notice any changes.

Superstitions 5: I can’t use smoking cessation treatments during pregnancy

Facts: If you are pregnant, this is a good time to quit smoking because smoking is very harmful to your health and your child’s health.

Talk to your smoking cessation counselor or midwife about treatment options because it is not recommended to use shampix tablets and two pairs during pregnancy. However, nicotine replacement products such as plasters, gum, suction tablets, inhalers or oral sprays may be recommended if you can’t quit smoking.

Superstitions 6: I have a heart attack. I can’t use smoking cessation therapies

Fact: Nicotine replacement therapies shew to be safe for most people with a heart attack. However, nicotine may increase your heartbeat and blood pressure, so it is good to consult your doctor before using nicotine replacement products if you have a heart attack or if you have severe heart problems such as irregular or rapid heartbeat (arrhythmias) or Chest pain.

Last Superstitions: Nicotine-dependent products that cause addiction such as smoking

Fact: Most people who use nicotine products do not feel they are dependent on them. In fact, the biggest problem with nicotine replacement therapies is that people do not use them for long enough. Nicotine released from adhesives, gum and other products in your body very slowly and in a completely different way from the nicotine from the cigarette. Your body absorbs nicotine very slowly and reaches the brain.


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