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In the time of wonders the marijuana use has become its benefits

“There is no evidence of any deaths from overdose of marijuana use”

The latest step taken by California is the complete non-criminalization of possession of small amounts of marijuana has sparked a wide controversy in modern society, because it has a place everywhere.

There are some things that make the difference better than just comparing web pages that fantasize with fiction and published by the Drug Enforcement Administration and drug policy allies. It is amazing to see how these agencies interpret the same information, but each has a different approach and different conclusions.

There is only one way to escape this confrontation, which is divided into two steps:

  • An evolutionary report that illustrates the relationship between marijuana use and medicine.
  • Evaluation of scientific rule.

This comprehensive summary of marijuana was written in 1999 by the country’s non-governmental medical organization, which was viewed with great interest, and the medical establishment, which was the main source of information in this article on the risks and benefits of marijuana.


Myths of Health Risks and Real Facts of marijuana use:

The key questions have become whether the active ingredient in the chemical known as THC has any medical value, whether the risks associated with its use outweigh the benefits, and whether the THC meets a need that is currently not met by any other drugs in the market, Many health risks are often in the context of this debate.

Excessive marijuana use:

There is no physical evidence of any case of death due to overdose of marijuana, but this does not preclude the possibility of suffering negative or unpleasant effects when consumed in large quantities. When you compare marijuana with alcohol, the excess doses of it result in about 5000 victims annually, In this logic, much cited as evidence that marijuana use is safer than other drugs such as alcohol.


Marijuana use and Memory:

Marijuana does not cause short-term memory impairment, but there may be a problem if there is toxicity. The results show that the chemical THC element has a negative memory effect. In addition, the bad use of marijuana continuously causes permanent weakness of memory.


Use of Marijuana and Addiction:

The points of opposition of the world’s anti-drug institutions to the use of marijuana based on the following:

  • What marijuana contains Medical benefits already exist in other drugs more effective and available on the market.
  • Marijuana is one of the very high addiction images.


Marijuana and the immune system:

If marijuana has been smoked it works to inhibit the activity of lymphocytes – T in the blood, this weakens the body’s ability to fight the infection which puts some people at the mercy of infectious diseases especially those who suffer from immune diseases such as people with HIV or lymphoma, The data do not support this view, but hardly support lung immunity from marijuana smoke.


Heart and marijuana problems:

It is now recognized at the level of various medical communities that the use of marijuana does not cause any long-term cardiovascular or cardiovascular problems for physical persons, and the anti-drug institutions strongly seek behind this point, claiming that based on Harvard researchers, who say that the person after Smoking an hourly marijuana increases the risk of a five-fold heart attack. However, this fact didn’t properly report and suggests suspicious attempts by anti-narcotics institutions to mention their sources, and so far the effects of marijuana on blood pressure are complex and contradictory.


Marijuana use  and Cancer:

Does the THC component cause cancer in humans?

No, it is not carcinogenic, according to the relevant institutions, both the International Agency for Research on Cancer and the American Toxicology Program.

However, the same can not say of marijuana smoking, where burning causes the production of a range of dangerous and potentially carcinogenic chemicals with cigarette smoke.


Does marijuana use lead to more harmful drug addiction?

Most long-term studies suggest that people who have experimented with drugs such as cocaine and heroin often have a history of smoking marijuana. However, as marijuana suggests that people are leading to more dangerous drugs, it is still uncertain, Can act as an alternative to what is most dangerous.

Benefits of marijuana use :

There is no serious component of medical marijuana that said to be a cure for anything. Yet it can already cure some of the symptoms that result from a wide range of diseases. These symptoms include:

– the pain.

– Nausea.

– Vomiting.



Marijuana and pain control:

The receptors in the brain that allow the absorption of drugs such as the THC component are part of the body’s most common receptor system. The body not only coexists naturally with these components, but also uses them to take advantage of its effects. Narcotic helps relieve pain and other painful symptoms.

Antihypertensives and marijuana:

It is knowing that some overdose of marijuana caused severe episodes of nausea. And vomiting until they explored around the antimicrobials. They found that both marijuana and THC used as a treatment. So smoking gives the desired target in minutes and can quickly relieve these symptoms.


Obstacles to marijuana use:

If marijuana is a consumer commodity authorize in the form of a plant and open for marketing. A position that widely supported by the National Marijuana Reform Authority. One group of reputable manufacturers will prepare for a better monopoly than any other, including to control emerging markets.

There are big companies that do not care about the public good. And human health as much as they care about their sales. And their own interests where they can control the production of marijuana. But in an unhealthy way that can cause damage. Then waste the desired benefits and can intimidate anyone who tries to develop laws to protect such a product. Tobacco).

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