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Top herbs help you treat sciatica

Sciatica is a pain in the backstroke nerve of the man. This pain extends from the bottom of the lumbar spine to the lower thigh and extends to the foot. Sciatica pain is so painful. Most people with sciatica have already had backaches. Some herbs are useful to treat sciatica.

treat sciatica

Top herbs help you treat sciatica

  • Weed seeds

especially seeds of some weeds that contain the herb An Hoxanthon adoratum.

  • Nettle to treat sciatica


Treatment of sciatica. Nettle twigs and leaves contain bristles that relieve the aches of the sciatica when prickling the pain site with this bulb.

  • Willow treat sciatica

treat sciatica

Take a daily dose of willow husks by a teaspoon. And the patient takes it until it heals completely. Those suffering from stomach burns can mix licorice powder with this extract to avoid stomach aches. This is because willow leaves contain aspirin and it hurts the stomach.

  • Dong Quai

Dong Quai

It’s famous Chinese remedies. It is used as an injection that strikes the pain of sciatica. Reduce pain and prevent infections.

  • Mustard seeds

Mustard seeds

It uses stickers placed on the place of sciatica. The mustard heals the sweat of the sciatica and relieves his pain with the heat that relieves pain.

  • Garden Cress Seeds

Also  it works with patches placed on the place of sciatica.

  • Mix ginger powder with sesame oil and lemon juice

The mixture is placed on the place of the sciatica for several times until the pain is eliminated.

  • Mix olive oil with castor oil

It is placed on the sciatica before sleep. The patient will continue to mix for two weeks.

  • It treats the scabies of cabbage. It is anti-inflammatory.

  • Cauterize the sciatica

Cauterize the sciatica and the usefulness of ironing in the treatment of sciatica. It depends on the professional processor.

  • Note

The subject of herbal sciatica treatment is not a health reference, please see your doctor.



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