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How to diagnose and treat broken heart syndrome

broken heart syndrome

First of all Broken Heart Syndrome: A type of myocardial infarction characterized by temporary and sudden weakness of a specific part of the heart muscle. After experiencing stress or stress, such as (severe emotional pain or suffering experienced after the loss of a loved one, whether through death or divorce …

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Top 10 Nervous Breakdown signs and symptoms

Nervous Breakdown symptoms

When Nervous Breakdown signs and Symptoms of nervous breakdown appear on someone, it means that they have reached their maximum tolerance in an atmosphere of stress and anxiety. During this period, a person is not able to work or perform his functions and daily meals normally. Symptoms and signs of nervous …

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The Importance of Organ Transplants

The Importance of Organ Transplants

Organ transplantation — the surgical removal of its own transplantation into another person whose organ has failed or was harmed and the healthy organ in one person — is frequently lifesaving and provides an excellent fresh lease on lifestyle to the beneficiary. But organ transplantation is also a major surgery …

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Does weed kill brain cells and affects memory

weed kills brain cells

The weed affects the nervous system The facts of weed. Weeds for humans It begins to alert the user and then anesthesia – that is, the effect of reflex – followed by hallucinations and then dormancy Phenom with increased dose loses the sense of paralysis and replaces the feeling ranging …

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Top 3 Healthy chicken Recipes

healthy chicken

Healthy chicken is well-cooked to kill bacteria. It is best to remove the skin for healthy, low-calorie food that is harmful to the body when accumulated. Healthy Chicken Recipe with Ginger Ingredients Chicken cut off skin. Three beads of colored peppers. Three large onion balls. Two cups of chopped mushrooms. …

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The Best Healthy Heart Diet

Healthy Heart Diet

Despite the importance of a healthy heart diet. Everyone knows that eating some foods can increase the risk of heart disease. However, it is often difficult to change eating habits. The fact that for many years the habit of unhealthy eating hinders in one way or another this significant change. …

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Prostate Cancer Symptoms Silent Killer!

prostate cancer

What are the prostate cancer symptoms ? Many prostate cancer patients (30%) They have no symptoms and signs. The disease is detected only in late cases where the tumor has increased or moved to other organs of the body. There are other patients have shown symptoms and signs. Prostate Cancer …

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