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Smoking culture in Japan, special places and strict rules

There are several accounts of the beginning of cigarettes entering Japan and spreading of Smoking culture in Japan, but the most likely accounts are that they came with guns in the 16th century through trade with Western countries such as Portugal and Spain. Tobacco  also grow inside Japan in Tohoku and Kyushu, General Secretariat of the Japanese cigarette manufacturing industry. Cigarettes are one of the government’s precious financial resources, with a tax return of over 2 trillion.

Year after year, the ambiance is narrower to smokers because of the Smoking culture in Japan

Until recently, the number of people who smoked while walking in the streets was not so short, smoking in restaurants and cafes without the need to pay attention or concern about the surrounding people. But for the first time in Japan in 2002, Tokyo’s Chiyoda district issued a decree setting out smoke-free areas on the streets to start the moves in each municipality to enact its own legislation to prevent smoking while walking or throwing cigarette butts on roads.

It also decided that cigarette butts should not  throw on the ground in the streets. There  also a fine (non-criminal administrative fine) paid by those who violate this system in some municipalities.

Smoking culture in Japan
Smoking culture in Japan

Smoking damages during walking

It is harmful to smoking during walking that it can cause burn to a passerby in cases of crowding and congestion or damage to burning and penetration of a spot in clothes by fly ash and the possibility of children picking up cigarette butts on the ground and put in their mouth. What is more dangerous is the presence of cigarettes held by smokers while walking at the same level as the faces of small children. Although the violation of the ban on smoking on the streets ends with the payment of the fine, but if you are hurt by the flame of cigarette, you may ask the crime of gross negligence causing bodily harm.

Smoking culture in Japan
Smoking culture in Japan

Smoking and non smoking areas

In the municipalities that have a smoke-free street system, places equipped with cigarette extinguishers in the areas surrounding the main stations and public parks.

Smoking rooms also equipped with speed trains and the Shinkansen train, which travel long distances within train cars and on sidewalks. In the family restaurants and coffee shops, the number of places that divided into the tables permit by smoking and the other is not allow, and all tables didn’t allow to smoke but equipped with a special place or room only for smoking. Lunch time is not allow, and dinner permit at some restaurants that allow smoking according to the times. Thus, living divid between smokers and non-smokers so that everyone will enjoy better times

In addition, in order to prevent passive smoking in the workplace. The Government under the Health Promotion Act 2003 urges the construction. And installation of special smoking rooms and rooms by providing part of the cost as support.

Smoking culture in Japan
Smoking culture in Japan

Can’t buy cigarettes from vending machines without a card “taspo”

In Japan, there self-propelled vending machines for selling cigarettes. But since the taspo cards introduced to adults in July 2008.  Cigarettes can’t buy from these machines without them. In order to extract a taspo card it is necessary to present a driver’s license or other identification card and a personal picture. And it isn’t extract if the person did not personally present or was unable to obtain personal and data. About 98% of Japan’s self-catering machines only deal with taspo cards to help prevent smoking for under 20 years.

Smoking culture in Japan
Smoking culture in Japan

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