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lung cancer symptoms and Disease prevention

In order to know more about lung cancer symptoms and Disease prevention. You must first know what a lung cancer is?

Lung cancer is a process of penetration of the lungs. Both of which are important members responsible for carrying out the oxygen delivery functions necessary for blood flow and nutrition, and to promote life throughout the body. While working to rid them of carbon dioxide in them.

Lung Cancer Signs

When it hits the lungs, it works to divide the cells and tissues present there. Then this process of division is absurd and irregular, and it works to spread the tumors in them and multiply them. Thereby hampering the lungs from performing their functions correctly and properly. The proliferation of tumors in the lungs invades the tissues and spreads them to the blood vessels there, which are responsible for delivering blood to all organs.

lung cancer symptoms

lung cancer symptoms

  • Lung cancer patients get severe and dry cough continuously and semi-permanent.
  • Symptoms associated with lung cancer include bleeding outside with coughing.
  • Bronchitis is also a lung cancer symptoms.
  • The accumulation of sputum in the chest of a lung cancer patient and severe difficulty in removing it is a lung cancer symptoms.
  • The inability to breathe properly and the difficulty of taking enough air to breathe is also a lung cancer symptoms.
  • Severe chest pain is associated with lung cancer
  • Severe fever and persistent sweating are symptoms of lung cancer.
  • Difficulty and inability to chew food easily is a lung cancer symptoms.
  • Permanent complaint of pain extended from the chest until you reach the shoulder and the whole hand.
  • The exposure to any disease without the presence of antibodies to these viruses, which is to prevent infection. This is due to immunodeficiency, a lung cancer symptoms.
  • The constant feeling of fatigue and exhaustion and who can not solve them even with lying down and rest, symptoms of lung cancer.
  • The appearance of tumors and bulges in the areas of the intestine, tonsils and salivary glands also has obvious symptoms of lung cancer.
  • The appearance of swelling in the face and change in color to redness symptoms of lung cancer. This is due to the lack of movement and flow of blood properly in the face.
  • Enlarged nail ends

lung cancer prevention

  • Reduce smoking. Avoid staying next to people who smoke.
  • Take care to constantly detect the presence of radon in the surrounding area of the house.
  • Take care to avoid exposure to carcinogens at work.
  • Eat a diet rich in vegetables and fruits. Limit drinking alcohol.

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