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Who are the most likely to fall into the trap of addiction

Before we address the problem of addiction and the characters most prone to falling into the trap of addiction, we must realize the important fact that the most exposed to addiction often suffer from a psychological problem, they flee to addiction where they find refuge and refuge from what they feel.

Addiction to these people is a mask to conceal their fears and anxiety, the state of extinction and euphoria felt by the addict makes it free of any psychological restrictions inside, and it gives him the feeling of power, but this power will not last long, and once the power of this power begins to addicted to the dose one more time …

The question remains, who are the most likely to fall into the trap of addiction?

Who are the most likely to fall into the trap of addiction?

Several studies have shown that there are some characters who are most trap of addiction. These characters are:

trap of addiction
trap of addiction

First: Antisocial Personality Disorder

This figure is called “anti-society” where studies have shown that 35-60% of drug users with the personality of the cycoptic ..

And the characteristics of this personality that since childhood you find him violent and stubborn and aggressive, feel that he is different from other children, always find the eyes of indifference in his eyes when he makes mistakes even if this error is serious, and it is violent, you find it hurts around him ..

In addition to,

Thus, the personality of the psychopathic personality emerges from childhood. These qualities are entrenched with him until he grows up and becomes more violent. As the days go by, this character tries to harness everyone to benefit from them and sometimes blackmail them, not learn from his mistakes and do not feel guilty towards anyone.

This character is one of the most exposed to the trap of addiction, so it is advised to consult a psychiatrist in the event of these features on a family member, so that it is protected from the addiction trap

trap of addiction
trap of addiction

Second: Depressive Personality Disorder

This person tends to feel the constant sadness and lack of pleasure and enthusiasm for many of the things that interest natural persons. This type of person is more prone to severe episodes of sadness, depression and depression. Then lead to the misuse of such materials to get use to and addictive, where these materials give him a false sense of euphoria and recovery and temporary graduation from the miserable atmosphere that always lives.

trap of addiction
trap of addiction

Third: the introverted personality:

The owner of this character is excessively sensitive, and although he possesses special mental abilities. He is not good at communicating with others, which greatly affects his chances of success and excellence. He is too shy to express himself, preferring to isolate himself for fear of blame and criticize by others. , The more frustrate, the more trap inside himself until it comes to the way of addiction, believing that it will help him to break the barrier of fear inside and give him freedom and fluency in expression.

trap of addiction
trap of addiction

Fourth: The worried personality:

And suffer from the constant anxiety and tension of all things of life unnecessarily. Which makes him lose the luster of life and calm and reassurance. And always makes him feel threatened, suffering from nervousness and excessive anger. Resorting to drugs in the belief that it will achieve his relaxation. And address again and again until the Addiction limit ..

Therefore, it recommended that the treatment of addiction in one of the mental health facilities well-known. And under the supervision of medical and psychological integrated, to be properly treat and avoid any setbacks

trap of addiction
trap of addiction

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