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It is the time to learn about kidney disease treatment

 Kidney disease treatment

kidney disease treatment is the most diseases cause psychological pressure and troublesome.

You must go to the doctor and the doctoring want to know your family history,

and ask you if your blood have a high pressure, if you have taken a medicine that

affects the kidneys.
After that the doctor performs the medical exam to check any problem in

heart or any another gap.

What should you ask your doctor:
 Blood sugars goal.
 Blood pressure goals.
 Cholesterol goals.
What the type of food to take controls the disease!

Types of tests to discover the disease:
Blood test: looking for the waste in the blood.
Urine tests: helps determine the cause of chronic kidney disease.
Image test: in this test the doctor wants to know the size of the kidney.
Removing a sample of kidney tissue for testing: it is done by

a localized pin and long needle

To take a sample from the kidney to identify the problem.

Symptoms of kidney disease:
It may get worse slowly, It may, will appear after the kidneys are badly damaged.

You will notice that an extra fluid builds up in your body.

Go to the doctor if you found the following:-
-Trouble sleeping.
-Not feeling hungry.
-Muscle cramps.
-Too much urine.
-Not enough urine.
-Trouble in your breath.

When your kidney stop working:
-Back pain.
-Belly pain.

Kidney-friendly meal plane:
Anything you eat or drink is effect your healthy, You must

decrease the sugar and salt on your food, And protect your blood pressure,

Also, you should keep your weight normal not thin and not fat.
You must know how much certain nutrients you need to

your body like fats, carbohydrates, calories, protein.
You should know the type of food you are eaten to

avoid the disease.
You should look at the nutrition facts to give you the information you need.

Kind of foods you must eat if you have kidney disease:
1- Avocado.
2- Wheat bread.
3-Brown rice.
4- Bananas.
6-Orange and orange juice.
7-Processed meats.
9- Potato and sweet potato.

7 things you must know them to kidney health:
1-If you’re at risk: you must make your test regularly,

and protect your blood pressure normal.
2-Quit smoking: it can decrease the flow of blooded to arrive to the kidney.
3-You must ask your doctor about herbal remedies

and dietary supplements because it may be harmful to your kidney.
4-Exercises: it may be flying the high weight and blood pressure,

but keep in mind amounted of exercises you must do every day.
5-Eating healthy food: many of kidney diseases produce as a result

because the unhealthy food, you must make to you self specific diet.
6- Hydrate: most of the common studies say that a lot of hydrates protected the kidney,

although it is better to drink just 4 to 6 cubs of water in the day because a lot

of watering it’s probably won’t make the kidneys their jobs well
7-Donot take a lot of medicine: a lot of medicine may effect the kidneys,

you must ask your doctor to give you alternative ways to avoid the pain far from medicine.

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