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How to improve your fitness

How to improve your fitness

improve your fitness by Physical and mental fitness play an important role in our live

people with physical and mental fitness are also less likely to have medical conditions

because the fitness of body protects them from exposure to diseases such as diabetes and cholesterol.

Ways to improve your fitness

Anew study found has exercise can help people quite substance abuse especially cocaine medical study.

First : good nutrition

Nutrition is one of most important things to get fit a balanced diet

can help you get the calories and nutrients the body needs to do daily activities

including regular exercise when it comes to eating food to support activity and

exercise a person needs to have appropriate types of food at appropriate times during the first day.

Second: practice exercise

Regular exercise is one of the best things for health

because it has many benefits

such as :improving the overall health of the body ,gaining physical fitness and reducing the risk of many chronic diseases

when exercising  regularly so it can start slowly and split the exercise time.

Third: strengthen the muscles

Muscle strength is one of the elements of fitness

which is the ability of muscles or a group of muscles to exert effort to resist

the presence of great muscle strength it enables the person to perform tasks easier

such as :pull ,push ,lift ,another of fitness

the longer the ability to continue to perform repetitive movements ,with less intensity over time

and can gain muscle strength and exercise

by practicing resistance exercise by practicing resistance exercises such as weight lifting.

Fourth: Drink water

Drink enough water during the day.

Water is considered a miracle drink

due to it is Important to the body in various aspects.

Besides it is important to skin, digestive system and blood circulation water helps reduce weight and reduce cellulite.

When you fell tired and tired sometimes during the day

know that you do not drink enough water

At last: stay away from smoking.

Staying away from smoking is a necessary health care.

This requires the support and encouragement of parents, friends and co-workers.

to continue this step, you can consult a specialist about a plan to help get rid of the habit,

or by using some of licensed drugs that contribute to smoking at home.


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