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Hepatitis C virus, its symptoms, treatment methods, early detection, and prevention methods

Hepatitis C virus is a silent virus that destroys the liver and often does not know the patient infected with the disease only after several years because

the disease does not show symptoms on the patient and the virus C is a liver infection can be dangerous, although the hepatitis can be caused by infection , Drugs, toxins

Causes of C virus

Transfusion of contaminated blood from one patient to another.

Infected injections from an infected person to another healthy person .

.  Using shaving blades is an injured person for a healthy person

Symptoms of C virus:


Feeling tired.
Weak appetite.
Yellowness in the eye and skin.
Pain in the stomach, joints and muscles.
Nausea or vomiting.

Prevention of C virus

C virus is transmitted from the infected person to the healthy person through the blood so we must be careful not to touch others or any of its derivatives directly.
Do not share personal stuff with others, especially shaving blades, tooth brushes and scissors.
Not having sex with a husband infected with C virus
Examine the blood samples donated by others to make sure they are free of diseases.

Early detection of C virus:

When the patient is newly infected with C virus, the increase in the rate of enzymes with high yellow rate occurs with the emergence of symptoms of

acute infection, which is common in the occurrence of acute hepatitis viruses, which occur very little of the infected.

And the majority does not have any symptoms and remember the patient enters the chronic inflammation without knowing anything until


complications occur in the liver and the patient comes to the doctor in the late stages and in this time the virus has made billions of mutated strains.

If P is detected early, the patient should be treated if the virus does not disappear from the blood.

Therefore, it is recommended to treat these patients with HIV after waiting three months after the onset of infection, if the virus did not disappear,

the treatment will take 3 months using antifungal long-acting for only 16 to 24 weeks. The need for ribavirin is more than 90 percent of the proportions, so early detection is preferred.

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