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Primary health care is essential for autistic patients

Autism is defined as developmental development disability that appears before the first three years of the child. Autism is characterized by dysfunctions in social interaction, oral communication, imaginative play and hyperactivity, with abnormal behaviors such as avoiding visual communication with some stereotypes and insisting on routine.

Primary health care is an essential part of the methodology of services provided in autistic patients centers and many programs fall under its umbrella.

Prevention programs for autistic patients

Prevention of infectious diseases is one of the important field programs of the Center for Autism. The preventive measures provided by the Center include:

  • Prevention of communicable diseases where the Center is concerned with combating these diseases and taking all precautions crisis to report on cases of illness and treatment early or transferred to the hospital for the necessary work.
  • Promoting health awareness of the definition and prevention of the disease tooth decay, for example, is often common among autistic people. The autistic child needs to learn the experiences that the natural child has acquired in advance and be provided with it spontaneously.
  • Immunization program against epidemic or communicable diseases.


autistic patients
autistic patients

Comprehensive examination and medical care for autistic patients

The end of the doctor’s task and the routine medical examination requires the child’s calm and cooperation and follow the doctor’s orders. Here we face the challenge of doing this task with a child suffering from autism. Sometimes he shows some stereotypical behaviors such as shaking the body and circling around himself and hum. Biting and beating.

In addition to,

The challenge is to prepare autistic people before visiting the doctor. And then expose the child to the same situation in a representative manner in the center’s clinic. Where the nurse deals with autistic people with the same modus operandi. That they follow in the classroom with the teacher of special education.

finally,The center relies on the analysis and study of the behavior to be taught and divided into small steps. Autistic people are trained through organized education in order to remove the fear and fear they experience. When they exposed to a new situation that they may not understand and may cause pain.

autistic patients
autistic patients

Dealing with emergency situations that autism patients may experience

The first moments of the incidents are critical, requiring quick decision-making in the first aid, and we may find many differences in dealing with autistic people in emergency situations, especially where the children here are characterized by poor verbal and social communication, some express their pain in fits of anger or the child Some of the same will do jump or weighted to express pain.

as a result in,

The child may have a feeling of pain, and all attempts to help him will fail unless we deal with him calmly and we can feel that we want to help him. Through verbal and nonverbal ways to reassure the autistic child and calm down and not show him the pain and discomfort that may inadvertently cause us during emergency assistance.

autistic patients
autistic patients

Emergency priorities for emergency situations that may be experienced by autistic patients

  • Open the airway and remove obstacles
  • Breathing procedure for the person who is breathless
  • Dealing with any rotational system injury (cardiac arrest, bleeding, trauma)
  • Other injuries (fractures and burns ..)
  • Ambulance of objects that block the airway (a piece of money and a balloon or tongue for an unconscious person and fluid)
  • Control of bleeding and ambulance and fractures of all kinds
  • Ambulance cases of epilepsy and trauma and recovery of heart and lungs
  • Ambulance wounds open, closed and bruised
  • The Ambulance injuries caused by high temperature
autistic patients
autistic patients

finally,The treatment of an autistic child needs expertise and skill of a special kind for the child with autism. To resist any therapeutic or therapeutic intervention.

We note that autism is an anomalous disorder and every individual is different from the other. Therefore, what may work with a particular person will not necessarily be valid for jealousy. And the provision of nursing care and assistance requires the cooperation of the teacher and the medical team hand in hand.


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