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let’s know the true… Facts and myths people say about Smoking habit

Smoking habit has spread in a frightening way among people. This has been exacerbated by the prevalence among adolescents of a significant percentage of anxiety among parents. which are held by smokers on the pretext of illusory reasons and bad health myths that justify not taking off the bad habit that causes many serious health diseases, Which doesn’t have any true medical support, which we list for each smoker, calling God to repent from this habit for fear of God and to preserve his health.

First myths: The health system eliminates the harmful effects of smoking habit

Some smokers believe that exercise and healthy food can protect the health of the person and protect him against the dangers of serious smoking, a false information denied by medical studies that said that the healthy living system of healthy nutrition and exercise does not reduce the risk of smoking habit on health and on the body, Taking vitamins daily does not improve the deadly effects of smoke.

Light Cigarette smoking is less dangerous to health

Some smokers turn to light cigarettes to reduce nicotine and tar levels in the body, which isn’t the same as they get the same amount of normal cigarette ingredients that may cause lung cancer, stroke, and heart disease, as well as some recently marketed cigarettes known as natural and organic cigarettes It is not safer than regular cigarettes, as just containing a cigarette on any proportion of tobacco is dangerous to human health.

Smoking habit
Smoking habit

Trying to stop smoking habit causes psychological stress

Indeed, the withdrawal of tobacco from the body of the smoker causes a sense of fatigue and fatigue due to the exposure of the body to a large amount of the negative effects of smoking habit , but exercise, and eating healthy balanced, the person later feel psychological improvement, physical and physical as well.

The smoker gains weight when quitting smoking habit

In fact, a person may gain an average of 14 pounds after quitting smoking. But it is not as dangerous as continuing to smoke. Obesity can also be eliminated by a balanced diet and exercise.

Smoking habit
Smoking habit

The use of smoking alternatives is unhealthy

Nicotine products are used to quit smoking. Nicotine is safe when used with medical help. These products only supply nicotine. Nicotine contains nicotine and 4000 other compounds, 60% of which cause cancer.

Smoking only harms the smoker

This is certainly wrong because it proved that the smoker is harmful to those around him by passive smoking. Which causes the death of 50 thousand people a year, by inhaling smoke naturally in the air.

Smoking habit
Smoking habit

Repeated attempts to quit smoking habit mean failure to stop

The fact that most of the people who stopped smoking tried and failed several times until they reached the best way and the right decision to insist and stop smoking completely and get rid of its deadly damage.

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