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Does weed kill brain cells and affects memory

The weed affects the nervous system The facts of weed. Weeds for humans It begins to alert the user and then anesthesia – that is, the effect of reflex – followed by hallucinations and then dormancy Phenom with increased dose loses the sense of paralysis and replaces the feeling ranging from grief to anger, even madness of bone and tantrums

Smoking weed affects memory and kills brain cells

And all that actually happens that weed causes the users of sexual fantasies exciting and loss of sense of time towards the slow and this makes the user fancy that he can prolong the process of sexual “cohabitation” to the impairment of perception of time. It may be useful to note that the linguistic connotation of the word narcotics shows that it dampens the nerves of the nose and weaken the strength of the nerves and dampen the ability to sense and pleasure desired in the sexual relationship, making this relationship is a mechanism of no spirit and no pleasure for the parties.

It should also be noted that over time, the user is forced to increase the dose to feel the desired sexual pleasure, thus reducing his sexual desire and reproductive capacity, which leads to the deterioration of marital life in addition to the result of the use of hashish of sexual weakness and him and others affecting the relationship Between him and his wife is a negative drug weed.

Does Weed Kill Brain Cells?

weed kills brain cells
Smoking weed affects memory and kills brain cells

First, let’s take a moment to address the notion that weed use leads to lower IQ. This idea came from a research paper which looked at data from a longitudinal study done on 1000 people from Dunedin, New Zealand. The study followed subjects from age 13 to 38 and conducted IQ tests a both these ages. The findings revealed that people who were chronic users of weed, which are those that had a physical dependence to the drug, before the age of 18 had a drop in IQ of 8 points by the age of 38.

Effect of weeds on intelligence

There are three important things to note about this study. First, the people who were shown to have a decline in IQ are significantly small – 38 out of 1000, or 3.8 percent. Second, these individuals were using significantly more weed (four days per week) than the average weed user. Finally, they were using more weed consistently for much longer (20 years) than the average weed user.

weed affects
Smoking weed affects memory and kills brain cells

Moreover, follow up studies of this data have shown that differences in socioeconomic status may account for the differences in IQ found in the study, not to mention the discussion surrounding IQ as a valid measurement of brain function and intelligence which are beyond the scope of this response

In terms of weed and its effects on brain cells, or neurons, there is little evidence to suggest that any of the active ingredients in the weed plant administered at doses appropriate for human consumption have neurotoxic effects.

This is in direct contrast to alcohol, where the body’s digestive process creates metabolites such as acetaldehyde and other “reactive oxygen species” which are toxic to the brain and other cells in the body. This is why you have a hangover, after drinking large quantities of alcohol.

The active ingredients in the weed plant, called phytocannabinoids, affect specific receptors within the body. In fact, the body produces its own set of cannabinoids called endocannabinoids and has an endocannabinoid system which regulates the activity of all cannabinoids in the body.

Types of Receptors

There are two types of receptors within the endocannabinoid system CB1 receptors and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors are located primarily in the brain and nervous system, while CB2 receptors are located primarily in the immune system.

The fact that these receptors are located all over the body is part of the reason why weed has been found to be useful for so many different medical conditions.

Types of Receptors
Types of Receptors weeds

Specifically in the case of seizures, there is preliminary research which shows that the cannabinoid, cannabidiol or CBD, raises the threshold for seizure activity within the brain making it overall more difficult to have seizures, and thus providing hope to many parents of children with intractable seizure disorders. There is also some preliminary research which show that other cannabinoids within the plant actually protect brain cells from damage associated with Alzheimer’s disease. However, much more research needs to be done in order to make definitive claims on the medical benefits.

The evidence at this point indicates that weed does more good than harm when it comes to its effects on the adult brain.

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