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Colon cancer patients benefit from tree nuts But caveats abound

Tree nuts help colon cancer patients in new study. But caveats aboundThe original trial randomly assigned colon cancer patients to either of two drug treatments. For one thing, they decrease insulin resistance, “a potential mechanism” by which they might keep colon cancer from recurring, he said.
Still, the nut result fits with another study to be presented at ASCO, also mining the classic colon cancer trial. Any of those attributes might help patients survive colon cancer. Also, it’s not clear how any component of tree nuts might exert a strong anti-cancer effect.

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Nut-filled diet could lower the risk of colon cancer recurrence

colon cancer
Nut-filled diet could lower the risk of colon cancer recurrence

A lower chance of cancer death in colon cancer isn’t the only condition nuts have been linked with.
A diet that includes nuts could have a dramatic impact on a person’s chance of colon cancer recurrence, an observational study found.
There wasn’t a reduction in cancer recurrence and death in people who reported eating peanuts, which is technically a legume.
What these results can and can’t tell usFor patients with colon cancer who have had surgery, a healthy lifestyle or a diet high in nuts is linked with a lower chance of recurrence and death.
And those who at nuts also had a 53% lower chance of death than those who didn’t.

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Certain nut varieties may ward off colon cancer recurrence, research finds

Eating certain kinds of tree nuts, such as almonds, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts and cashews, has been linked to dramatically lowering the risk of colon cancer recurrence, researchers have found.
The observational study involved more than 820 patients who had undergone treatment for stage III colon cancer, typically including surgery and chemotherapy.
Such patients, whose cancer has not spread elsewhere in the body, have a 70 per cent chance of surviving three years after treatment.
“Rather, patients with colon cancer should be optimistic, and they should eat a healthy diet, including tree nuts, which may not only keep them healthier, but may also further decrease the chances of the cancer coming back,” said ASCO president Daniel Hayes.
Some 19 per cent of patients consumed about a handful of nuts per week.

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