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Pet Rats Linked To Virus Outbreak In Illinois: CDC

as mentioned in CDC officials are working with the Illinois and Wisconsin departments of health to investigate the Seoul virus outbreak – the first known outbreak associated with pet rats in the country. The Seoul virus is a member of the hantavirus family of rodent-borne diseases, according to the CDC. …

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Antivirals that block influenza can also inhibit Zika virus infection, study shows stat : News Medical

referring to In their recent study, published online in the Antiviral Research journal, the researchers showed that antivirals which block influenza virus by targeting host cell factors are also able to inhibit Zika virus infection. Researchers from the University of Helsinki have shown that three anti-influenza compounds effectively inhibit Zika …

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New Federal Report on Aedes Mosquitoes Could Signal Shift in How Zika Virus and Other Pathogens are Researched – Entomology Today stat : Entomology Today

according to Zika virus is just the latest, but likely not the last, destructive pathogen carried by the Aedes aegypti mosquito. Texas recently confirmed the first cases of local Zika transmission, and Florida is still dealing with the aftermath of last summer’s Zika outbreak in Miami. This multidisciplinary approach will …

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The beginning of the spread of Zika Virus

By early 2016, there is of Zika fever, caused by the Zika virus, a wide spread episode continuing, mainly within the Americas. The episode began in in Brazil, and it has spread abroad in the Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, along with South America. In January 2016, The-World Health Organization (WHO) …

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HIV Virus life cycle and Treatment

HIV Virus

Represents human immunodeficiency virus. If left neglected, HIV can cause the illness AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). Unlike some other infections, the body can’t get rid of HIV totally. Therefore after you have HIV, you’ve it for life.   HIV attacks the body’s defense mechanisms, exclusively the cells (T cells), that …

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