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How to be healthy

How To Study Effectively

study effectively

Study effectively is very important in our lives. Since you won’t be able to graduate from college or school without having studied effectively. But often that comes to our mind this question: What are the best ways to study effectively? Time Management For Study Effectively Time is very important in …

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8 Silent Signs of a Heart Attack

Heart Attack

The heart attack does not suddenly infect a person, but sends a warning through the signs of a heart attack. Such as: chest pain, we call angina. Which occur during physical exertion. Or because of severe stress. Especially in cold weather. Or after a heavy meal. The heart begins to …

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Top 9 Breast Cancer Symptoms

breast cancer symptoms

Breast cancer symptoms may vary from one patient to another, but they certainly are similar in most of these symptoms. The most important symptom of breast cancer. Top 9 Breast Cancer Symptoms 1. Breast swelling Breast swelling is is the first Breast Cancer Symptoms. In the early stages of cancer, …

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What are the Flu symptoms?

flu symptoms

When the winter and summer season comes in particular. The flu is more frequent, causing a lot of inconvenience to the flu-infected person and the surrounding people for fear of transmission of the disease.When the winter and summer season comes in particular. The flu is more frequent. Causing a lot …

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Exercise Induced Asthma Symptoms, Prevention And Causes

Exercise Induced Asthma

Exercise induced asthma patients affected by physical exertion as affected by emotions; excessive laughing and crying and frustration and shock, exercise induced asthma resulting from physical effort “exercise induced asthma“; where asthma symptoms like dyspnea, cough, wheeze and perhaps forcing the person to exercise pieces, rest and eating popular Extenders. …

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Top Home Remedies For Stomach Ache and Tips For Prevention

Causes of Stomach Ache Acidity Indigestion Constipation Food poisoning Infection in the stomach Menstrual cramps Food allergies Appendicitis Ulcers Infection in the urinary tract Infection in the gall bladder Gastroesophageal reflux disease Stones in the kidney Hernia Home Remedies for Stomach Ache 1. Lemon Lemon is the most effortlessly accessible …

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