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It is the time to learn about kidney disease treatment

kidney disease treatment

 Kidney disease treatment kidney disease treatment is the most diseases cause psychological pressure and troublesome. You must go to the doctor and the doctoring want to know your family history, and ask you if your blood have a high pressure, if you have taken a medicine that affects the kidneys. …

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The Basics of Diabetes Care to Reduce Risk

The Basics of Diabetes Care

The Diabetes Care requires the efforts of a team composed of patient, doctor, nurse, health educator, nutritionist, pharmacist and others, and undoubtedly the patient is the focus of this team. The patient should learn what to do to take good care of diabetes. There are three main bases for diabetes …

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Primary health care is essential for autistic patients

autistic patients

Autism is defined as developmental development disability that appears before the first three years of the child. Autism is characterized by dysfunctions in social interaction, oral communication, imaginative play and hyperactivity, with abnormal behaviors such as avoiding visual communication with some stereotypes and insisting on routine. Primary health care is …

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