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Antidepressants and anxiety, When should I quit?

Although antidepressants and anxiety help patients calm down their disorders, which makes these patients need to alleviate the crises that come at night or day until the disappearance of the effect of these drugs, but it may end in the entry of the patient in the case of addiction to these drugs .. However, it is always possible to dispense with and stop taking these drugs easily and to find natural alternatives.

Why is this obsession with the consumption of antidepressants and anxiety

According to the findings of the study funded by the National Fund for Insurance on CNAM, we find that the reason for the eagerness to take antidepressants and anxiety lies behind doctors and not consumers .. Two representatives visited the test of 120 doctors and used different scenarios where they called for the renewal of drugs, Of the 120 doctors who consulted them, all listened to these patients in an average of 23 minutes, but none of them was able to say “no” to the patients’ request for medication renewal.

Antidepressants and anxiety
Antidepressants and anxiety

Sedatives and anxiolytics

OBJECTIVE: To reach the minimum dose and then stop completely.

Most of these drugs contain benzodiazepines. These products combat anxiety, fear, and muscle relaxant (contain muscle relaxant properties and have a varying sedative effect).

The most popular sedative and anti-anxiety drugs: Seresta, Tranxene, Lexomil, Xanax, Lysanxia

Antidepressants and anxietyAntidepressants and anxiety
Antidepressants and anxiety

Why should you stop taking these drugs?

When the treatment period is more than three months, there is a risk of substance abuse as well as the side effects shown by the treatment period.

These drugs affect memory, especially those who drink alcohol, and also affect attention, creativity, motivation, and on the other hand, some products with an average age (eliminated over a few weeks) are the cause of drowsiness or dizziness.

These substances accumulate in the body, accompanied by side effects in the stages of relaxation and low pressure, which increases the risk of exposure to neck and thigh fractures in elderly persons by three to four times.

Antidepressants and anxiety
Antidepressants and anxiety

But how can we stop the sedatives and anxiolytics?

It depends entirely on the dose: In the case of drugs taken by a large dose and have been taken for at least a year, in this case must be entered under medical care to stop the rotor In contrast if you are taking a low dose just a few months, Month, to reach the minimum dose, then stop completely.

Antidepressants and anxiety
Antidepressants and anxiety

What are the alternatives to anesthetics and anxiolytics?

It is necessary in the first place that the patient change the health and life style. By practicing physical exercises in particular, and we have to restore human relations and emotional. Which helps to release Androfen containing similar properties of sedatives and muscle relaxants.

During periods of stress, casein can be taken with milk-soaked and anti-stress properties (10 days of Seriane with one or two capsules per day or with certain dosages prescribed by the doctor). Finally, you can try hypnosis, yoga, relaxation and meditation exercises. The activities lead to great results.

Why should I quit sedatives and hypnotic drugs?

Sleeping under the influence of hypnotic drugs remains effective within a maximum of three weeks. And restored after this period naturally. But in more than that period, these drugs lose their effect and in return the memory suffers some damage. Where sleep is uncomfortable, but the patient does not remember any of it when waking up. Surprised by feeling tired, he only lives on the illusion and dreamed that he sleeps: Some laboratory recordings showed that sleep under the influence of tranquilizers is permeated several times by wakefulness and sleep is darkened.

Antidepressants and anxiety
Antidepressants and anxiety

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