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Addiction and its impact on the individual and society

Addiction and its impact on the individual and society

The problem of drug abuse affects the entire world because

of its destructive impact on societies and a major factor in many social, security, economic and health problems.

Has pushed countries to make a lot of effort and money to combat its spread,

to avoid the effects of drugs on the individual and society.

Why does a person accept to take drugs?

push the pressures of life and the problems of many people to escape from the reality they live in any way possible,

and try to avoid life with those pressures by the absence of reason,

It may be in narcotics or alcohol what they see as a way out of their crisis.

Life pressure alone is not the driving force behind drug abuse

Sometimes searching for lost happiness is a major cause of addiction.

A person believes that by absenting his mind he may get this happiness.

Effects of drug abuse on the individual

One of the most important effects of drugs is the resulting absence of mind and sensory disorder,

low mental level and mental efficiency, where drug addiction leads to:

  • The incidence of inflammation in the brain cells and their erosion, leading to memory loss, auditory and visual and mental hallucinations often.

  • The occurrence of severe heart disorders resulting in the exposure of the addicted to angina and the explosion of the arteries of the heart.

  • Drug use also leads to gastrointestinal disorders and liver fibrosis.

  • Drug use causes chronic gastritis, inflammation of the pancreas and cessation of its function.

  • The effects of drugs also become addicted to an aggressive person who has a strong desire to get the dose of drugs or money to buy them at any cost.

  • In addition, the drug converts its users to an introverted person who loves isolation, preferring to avoid others.

  • The effects of psychological addiction to be addicted to depression or what is known as the blackness of thought,

as it is a permanent concern and tension and fear of the simplest things.

Effects of drugs on family

The most dangerous effects of drugs are the disintegration of the resulting family,

where family disputes are compounded by the financial requirements of the addict to obtain adequate drugs,

which affects the economic situation of the family.

In many cases, the families of poor families help others because there is an addicted person inside.

In addition, a drug addict may commit indecent acts.

such as sexual assaults on family members because of the absence of his or her mind.

Effects of drug abuse on society

The state bears a lot of economic burdens as the ability of the individual who uses drugs to work is reduced,

which leads to a weak production capacity and leads to poor economic conditions.

The State fights the spread of drugs in various ways,

whether through legal means or through awareness campaigns through seminars or television programs,

In order to raise awareness among youth about the dangers of drug abuse

And this is what makes them spend large sums could be spent to build projects for the benefit of citizens.

The spread of many crimes

Whether the robbery or murder that the addict may commit

when he is under the influence of the drug and as a result some innocent people lose their lives without guilt.

Increase road accidents

As a result of the low efficiency of drug users to drive cars and many studies have succeeded in proving the relationship

between addiction and road accidents.

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