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10 reasons if you know them, you will keep away from soft drinks

It is known that soft drinks have a wonderful taste but have a lot of health damage.

Many people are fond of drinking soft drinks or refreshments of all kinds especially in the summer and to get rid of thirst and many of them stopped diet because of his love for soft drinks, what are the risks that result from drinking and what is the origin of these drinks?

What is the origin of soft drinks?

The invention of soft drinks dates back to 1886 when John Pamperton, the American pharmacist in Atlanta, prepared his first gas drink recipe in his laboratory, and then began to promote the drink for five cents. John Bamberton did not expect this to become his invention later. The world’s first, as all statistics indicate today that its consumption increases dramatically, unimaginable as the United States alone consumption in (2000) more than (5) billion gallons.

soft drinks
soft drinks

Risks and disadvantages of soft drinks

Damage to digestion

Carbon dioxide, which is found in the stomach, causes the stomach to be deprived of salivary yeast, which helps in the digestion of food if eaten with food or immediately after it. This causes the digestive enzymes that are produced by the stomach to be unable to function. The body benefits from food.


Increases blood pressure and leads to heart disease and atherosclerosis.

soft drinks
soft drinks

 Low potassium levels

Eat in large quantities lead to low levels of potassium in the blood, leading to muscle weakness and the occurrence of paralysis.

 Increased signs of aging

Taken once a day increases the signs of aging in the cells of the body, but have the same effect on the cells caused by smoking and based on the discovery of some specialized researchers.

soft drinks
soft drinks

 Increase gastric acid production

The Center of the University of Mireland Medical has stated that it is an open ulcer in the lining of the stomach, esophagus or duodenum. It leads to bleeding of the stomach, including vomiting of blood and blackening of the stool.

 Obesity and overweight:

Drinking one pack of soft drinks a day, which contains large amounts of sugar leads to an increase of half a kilogram a month, or six kilograms per year, and sixty kilograms in ten years.

soft drinks
soft drinks

Diet drinks cause more obesity

Diet sweeteners with artificial sweeteners, sugar-free, cause the same effect as they also cause an increase in body weight higher than those caused by normal sugar-containing beverages because of the hormonal reactions in the body.

 Liver damage:

Excessive intake of soft drinks increases the risk of liver cirrhosis in a way that can outweigh what alcohol drinks are !

Tooth decay :

Soft drinks effectively dissolve the enamel layer in the teeth (the outer layer), because they contain many acids in their composition, so they increase the likelihood of tooth decay two to three times compared to the sugars found in sweets on teeth.

soft drinks
soft drinks

 Osteoporosis and its fragility:

It is known that there is an inverse ratio between the proportion of calcium and phosphorus in blood, if one increases the lack of the other, and vice versa, so the increase of phosphorus in blood means lack of calcium, and since soft drinks contain phosphorus, which increases the proportion of phosphorus in blood, Will lead to calcium deficiency in the blood, and to compensate for this deficiency the body withdraws calcium from the bones, leading to weakness, and the incidence of osteoporosis.

Soft drinks cause esophageal cancer

A recent scientific study confirmed that soft drinks or powders increase the risk of exposure to cancer of the esophagus. Pointing out that there is a strong correlation between drinking beverages containing sodium bicarbonate and cancer of the esophagus. One of the statistics indicated an increase in the consumption of these drinks.

Tips to help you leave soft drinks

First: Treat it as an addiction:

Trying to stop drinking soda is not a picnic, especially for those who eat large amounts of it (more than 3 packs a day). I know that this will not be easy, treat it as a dangerous addiction. You may suffer in the attempt to resist the wishes of the overwhelming, And symptoms of breakouts such as headache.

Second: Know the risks:

Soft drinks are associated with many health risks. And to stop drinking, convince yourself that luring a bottle of ice-cold drink and emptying it into your poor backyard does not equal the health problems of drinking it.

soft drinks
soft drinks

Third: Gradually cut off:

Do not take off soft drinks once, otherwise you will have a terrible headache, nervousness, agitation or severity in the behavior. And all symptoms of interruption, the caffeine in many soft drinks are heavily replenished. And this will be the hardest thing to overcome when trying to cut out soft drinks.

If you try to replace another drink containing caffeine with soft drinks such as tea or coffee, you will not be able to get rid of caffeine addiction. Instead, take another non-caffeine drink for a week, which is the time you will need to get rid of your craving and discontinuation symptoms. .

Fourth: Do not turn to Diet drinks:

Drinking “Diet” drinks may have more serious consequences for your health than regular soft drinks. This is because it contains aspartame, which also contained within the body to a number of toxic chemicals. The most toxic chemicals are formaldehyde, And anatomy samples of decomposition.

Fifth: Exercise:

Exercise will help you with your demand, which is to stop drinking soft drinks. It reduces the symptoms of breakouts and helps to control your mood.

finally,The best exercise that a former gardener can do is weight lifting. The pressure on the bones will contribute to increasing the density of the bones. Restoring the loss of calcium and the glaucoma caused by the depletion of the minerals.

soft drinks
soft drinks

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